gift wrap organizer
I can not contain my excitement today.  Why?  Because I have partnered with the company of one of my all-time favorite organizing products: Wrap iT!, the best gift wrap organizer ever!


I was sent this product to review over 8 years ago and I have loved it ever since.  My Wrap iT hangs in our spare bedroom closet so it is easy to access AND it barely takes up any space at all.  The best part is my Wrap iT is full of gift bags, bows, and wrapping paper, and in over 8 years it has never torn once!  I have been so impressed with how it has held up.  Plus, I have yet to see a gift wrap organizer that I like better.


For years I have been reviewing and trying out various products that help me and my clients stay organized.  If you know me you know I will never recommend a product to you unless I:

1) use it myself

2) absolutely love it

3) and think it is worth the money


I wanted to share this amazing product with all of you so I reached out to the owner of the company and he has agreed to give an EXCLUSIVE OFFER!  I have a limited supply available so when they’re gone that is it.


Starting today STOP throwing your gift bags and wrapping paper in the corner of a closet or bin and money in the trash!  This easy-to-use clear storage bag eliminates an unorganized messy pile and makes storing and organizing an entire wrapping paper collection a breeze!  The Wrap iT has a built-in hanger so it can be hung in any closet or with its slim design and reinforced handle it can slip under the bed.


With this incredible product gift wrapping products of all shapes and sizes are able to be stored, protected, and organized in one spot!  The Wrap iT has see-through pockets on the front for greeting cards, ribbon, bows, tissue paper, scissors, tape, and gift bags from small to jumbo!


gift wrap organizer
Check out these videos to see how each version works and then choose your favorite.  I personally use the Wrap iT Deluxe.  This is also a FABULOUS GIFT IDEA (any woman would love you for it)!

Wrap iT Deluxe gift wrap organizer

Cost is $75.00

Purchase Wrap iT Deluxe HERE

Wrap iT Buddy

Cost is $65.00

Purchase Wrap iT Buddy HERE

Wrap iT Original


Cost is $65.00

Purchase Wrap iT Original HERE