home staging

Well, it FINALLY feels like spring here in New York. I don’t know about you but the nice weather and the sunshine always make me feel more alive, energetic, and ready to clean and organize like crazy!!


Spring in New York is a huge time for people to list their homes for sale, people really try to avoid moving in the snow and cold if they can help it.

So I have been doing a ton of home staging and helping women declutter so they can list their houses. This is honestly one of my favorite things to do as a professional organizer.

Every time I start on a project like this I laugh because my clients always say “I might not want to sell it after we are done staging and organizing it!” That got me thinking…

What if this spring you pretended you were selling your home in order to get it all freshly cleaned, organized, and clutter-free?

How motivating would THAT be??

I know at first it might seem a little crazy and VERY overwhelming but…I promise you it would feel amazing to live in a home that you could literally list on any day.

A home that you would feel peace and contentment with.

A home that was ready for you to host a BBQ for your friends and family this summer WITHOUT excuses!

A home that feels light and free!

This is what a staged, clean, organized home feels like. It is how you should feel every day that you spend living in your home. Not just when you are ready to move.

I dare you to try this idea of spring staging!

And if you do PLEASE get back to me and let me know how it goes.

P.S. If you need help, I am taking 5 more women in May for my new online coaching program The Created Order Neighborhood. If you are not sure if this type of coaching is for you just fill out the form for a FREE consultation with me.

P.P.S. Also, if you do sign up in May I am offering a FREE Home Reset Session via Zoom where you can go room by room in your home with me on video and I will give you my feedback on how you can better declutter and organize it!!! Perfect for some new spring motivation and inspiration!