how to get a book published


I absolutely adore Jennifer Obermeier, fellow organizer, and host of the Pro Organizer Studio podcast.


It is always a joy to speak with other women in the organizing industry. In this episode, we talk about how professional organizers can get a book published as well as lots of other juicy tidbits.


What we talk about:


(00:00) – Introduction to this episode
(00:53) – Introduction to guest Jennifer Ford Berry
(05:53) – How Jennifer’s first book (Organize Now) was born
(08:51) – How Jennifer took the leap of faith and balanced family and business
(11:07) – What Jennifer attributes the most growth happening for her business
(15:12) – Insights on how the book helped Jennifer gain credibility
(17:39) – What advice Jennifer has for building your professional organizing empire
(19:30) – What Jennifer’s next ideas and plans are for her business
(27:05) – The underlying reason your clients are unorganized
(33:29) – Hear Jennifer’s why for her professional organization business
(37:47) – Where to find Jennifer Ford Berry