Cindy Williams is a healthy living coach, Shaklee representative and owner of Green Jeans consignment sale. Cindy knows how to live her why.  She breathes health and wellness from her head to her toes and even in her spirit!  Recently Jennifer was in Orlando for a conference and she heard Cindy give a presentation about how important it is to live your WHY.  She knew right then and there that Cindy was the perfect guest for The 29 Minute Mom!

Episode Talking Points

  • What Cindy and Jennifer have in common and how they met.
  • Do you know your “Why?”
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people.
  • Own your own authenticity!
  • A little bit about the consignment industry.
  • Hang with “Your People.”
  • “Your vibe attracts your tribe!”
  • Fueling yourself with books.
  • How Cindy gets up at 4: 30 am everyday and why she does it.
  • Tips for busy moms to turn their life around and start living healthy.
  • Tips for changing unhealthy habits.




About Author : Jennifer Ford Berry
Hi there! I am Jennifer Ford Berry or some people like to call me "Life's Organization Expert". I am super passionate about helping people get organized and stay that way! I have written a series of books called Organize Now! I contribute my organizing tips to National magazines, radio and TV shows. I am here to help you realize that your life is not about is about living! YOU can live an organized, healthy and exciting life one baby step at a time. Let me show you how!