Episode Talking Points:

⇒What does life look like over the last few weeks of COVID-19 for Stefanie as a mompreneur?

⇒How can we pay attention to Holy Spirit intervening moments and what does it mean? What is God trying to whisper during this time?

⇒Order of operations for Mompreneurs: 

  1. Clarity
  2. Vision Statement: your BIG why!
  3. Goal Mapping
  4. An Activity/Time Blocking
  5. Weekly Content Outlet

⇒Stefanie’s favorite platform for growing an audience.

⇒How mompreneurs can grow their following: best platform.

⇒Pinterest tips: visually appealing, wording, link to value.



About Stefanie Gass

Stefanie Gass is a Jesus lover, wife, and mom of two boys from Tijeras, NM. She is the host of the top-ranked podcast The Mompreneur Mastermind Show, and her mission is helping, empowering, and transforming Christian Mompreneurs.

Stef specializes in helping these incredible women uncover and tap into their God-led callings, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching.
Stef wants women to create true change for themselves and for Jesus by utilizing their gifts and serving the world with a business that lights them up!
Stef believes that when we let God’s miracles light our path, we will profit from our passions, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul.
She believes we actually can have it all.

Connect with Stefanie:




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