paper purge project

The system you will learn is the exact same system I have implemented in hundreds of homes including my own!

Here's Is What You Will Receive With This Course

A step-by-step plan to help you purge the paper that you do not need, including tips about what you should toss and what you should save.

Learn Jennifer’s extremely simple and efficient system for keeping all of your nessecary paper organized.

2 recorded coaching sessions from Jennifer that will help motivate you to take action and purge more paper then you ever thought was possible.

Save yourself time and stress by implementing a system that will allow you to find any paper you need as soon as you need it.

Learn how to use the storage you have efficiently. Find out about resources that will help you keep your paper organized throughout the year.

Learn the exact system Jennifer uses for handling all school realated papers and memorabilia for each family member.

Save space by eliminating the piles of paper that are cluttering up your home and your office.

Learn how to avoid paper procrastination so you will never get behind again.

Upgrade and you will be added to our private online community. Connect, discuss, and celebrate your success as you work through the weekly tasks

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Upgrade even more and receive not one but THREE- 30 minute coaching sessions with Jennifer herself!  Just you and the expert on the phone…you can ask her anything about paper or organizing in general!

paper purge
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