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Recent Episodes

EPISODE 87: Use Behavioral Color Psychology in Your Home with Mehnaz Khan

  You may not realize it, but your environment impacts your behavior. What looks good on Pinterest doesn’t always feel good in your space. Did you know that the colors around you can help fulfill your psychological and emotional needs? Sound intriguing? This is the episode for you. Today Jennifer welcomes Mehnaz Khan, a color […]

EPISODE 86: Book Club Chapter 3: Possessions

    We continue to dive deeper into Purpose Over Possessions as we turn the page to Chapter 3: Possessions. We all have them. Some more than others. But, do we need everything we have? So many of the items we have in our homes are no longer working, useful, or serving a purpose. We […]

Episode 85: When Partners Become Parents with Catharine O’Brien

  The addition of a new baby can completely change the dynamic of a relationship. Even though the nursery is complete and the car seat is installed, nothing can quite prepare you for the drastic changes that come with adding another member to the family. These changes can be minor and easy to overcome, but […]

EPISODE 84: Stop Being an Angry Mom with Natalie Hixson

  Do you want to know how to stop being an angry mom?  In a year where nothing went as planned, we all might be dealing with extra stress, anxiety, and destructive anger. Beyond the past year, these things creep into our everyday life; from the terrible two tantrums that seem to pop up too […]

EPISODE 83: Financial Freedom Isn’t a Fairytale with the Seven Dollar Millionaire

  Did you know saving $7 a day and investing it with 7% returns can make you a millionaire? Finances aren’t necessarily something taught in school. How can we teach our kids to make smart financial decisions if we don’t know the best ways ourselves? Before you send your kids out into the world or […]

EPISODE 82: Clutter: Define It and Eliminate It

Clutter is bombarding our homes, our offices, and our life.  We are told to get rid of it but what exactly defines clutter? How can you know what to keep and what you should let go of?  You may be surprised by the answer. Today Jennifer helps us with this task. She explains how you […]

Episode 81: Raising Compassionate Kids with Marielle Melling

  Most parents are interested in raising compassionate kids.  But with so many outside influences impacting our children, it seems we have to work harder and be more deliberate to instill the values we want our kids to have. So many moms say above all else, they want to raise kind children; but how can […]

EPISODE 80: Book Club Chapter 2: Purpose

This week we are covering chapter 2 of Jennifer’s newest book: Purpose Over Possessions: decluttering your life so you can live on purpose.  This chapter will get you PUMPED to start taking actionable steps toward finding your purpose and then living it out every single day.  There is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than to […]

Episode 79: Love Your Teen Daughter Well with Kari Kampakis

  The journey of parenting teenage daughters can have its ups and downs. When you think you have it figured out, the relationship changes, the challenges change, and you have to adjust. Today, Jennifer welcomes Kari Kampakis, author and mom of 4 daughters. She shares her own experiences parenting her daughters, handling the tough moments, […]

Episode 78: How to Thrive as a Mom (even with multiples) with Andra Erickson

Becoming a mom, especially of multiples, can completely change your life, but it doesn’t have to be why you don’t continue to chase your dreams. Today Jennifer welcomes Andra Erickson, busy mom and coach. She helps to empower moms to understand more about the challenges they face and the little changes they can make that […]

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