For centuries we have been taught to work harder so we can buy more stuff.  We believe the lie that more stuff equals more happiness.  But we often don’t realize it all comes with a cost: our space, time, energy, and money (S.T.E.M.).  Sometimes that cost is worth paying, but more often than not, when the happiness fades the cost far exceeds its value.Jennifer Ford Berry is not a minimalist, but she has learned the way to long-lasting joy.  It’s a lifestyle encompassed by this very phrase: purpose over possessions.  She has developed and taught this approach to living a more meaningful and intentional life with thousands of people over her career as a professional organizer.  And now the keys are captured in this book!


The question is: are you ready to live life differently?  This book empowers you with what Jennifer calls the “P-Principles” that guide you in recognizing and eliminating clutter so you can discover new focus for your God-given purpose.  Get rid of the distractions, clear the path of stuff, and experience a guilt-free way of living what God has called you to do.  Just like her years of experience, if you apply these principles to your life, you will see tremendous results.  Start your journey of decluttering your life, so you can live with purpose over your possessions.

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As you might have guessed I am SUPER passionate about teaching people how to design a more meaningful and intentional life. One that is not controlled by stuff!  I would be honored to share the message of this book with your organization, church, podcast, radio or television audience.

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