Thanksgiving is about so much more than stuffing our faces with turkey and lots of carbs. It is truly about being thankful.  More importantly, it is about sharing our gratitude with those we love.  Life can be so hectic and we all know we should be doing this more often so why not hang up the excuses during the month of November.  This month let’s all make a pact to be more intentional about gratitude…deal??


I think it is so ironic that Thanksgiving is the month before Christmas.  Unfortunately, in November our society seems to be more focused on what they want to get for Christmas than what they already have.  This bothered me with my kids, so I started a tradition called the Gratitude Jar in November.


Here is how it works:


Grab a glass jar.


Cut up little pieces of paper or use the Thankful Cards below.


Leave the paper and a pen next to the jar in the main area of your home.


Ask each family member to write down things they are thankful for throughout the month of November and add them to the jar (folded).


On Thanksgiving grab the jar and sit down as a family.


Take turns letting each family member pull out a slip of paper and read it out loud.  After it is ready the rest of the family gets to guess who wrote it.  The person reading it cannot say a word because they have the advantage of seeing the handwriting!


You can just enjoy this time together or you can make it into a game and the first person that guesses correctly gets a point!

Here is the link to the pdf version of the Thankful Place Cards.


These thankful cards are also great to use if you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  I use them as place cards for our guests. For example: “This year I am truly Thankful for… Grandma”.


I hope you enjoy these tips and they add a little gratitude to your Thanksgiving holiday.  I am so thankful that you read this post!

God Bless!







Thankful place cards