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>Organize Your Photographs


Ahhh, organizing photographs. This is one of the longest chapters in my book. It is probably because I have always taken a lot of pictures, even when I was a kid. Now that I have children the number of photographs in my home has probably doubled! Where does it end? …It doesn’t. For most people collecting memories via a camera will be part of their entire life. So, we better make sure that we have a really good system for protecting and storing all of these precious memories.

Organize Your Photographs

Since the invention of the digital camera, and then the affordable price point, I feel like I am wasting a lot less pictures. I LOVE that I can take a picture and then if I don’t like it I can delete it immediately. Gone are the days of waiting until the entire roll of film is used up and paying for it only to realize that half the roll is no good!

* This week’s goals are to sort through all exisiting photos and then organize the ones you are keeping into a

* Sort through your photos and make three piles:

1) Toss

2) Doubles to be given away

3) Keep* Sort all the pictures in the keep pile by event or date.

* Decide where you are going to store these photos so that they will be easily accessbile and you will enjoy them and look at them often.


* I use the photo albums that have room to write on the side of each picture. This way I don’t have to flip the picture over to read dates, places or people’s names.

* Organize your photos as soon as you get them developed. If you wait it will just harder to keep them all organized.

* Plastic baseball card slips are perfect for organizing all those wallet-size pictures.