>Organize Your Vehicle


How do you feel when you get into your vehicle? Does it make you feel frustrated, grossed out or stressed because it is dirty, cluttered with garbage and smells like an old sippy cup of milk? (admit it, how many of you have had a lurking smell fill your vehicle only which lead to finding an old sippy cup under the seat?!)

OR do you feel good when you sit down in your car because it is clean, organized and smells good. The ultimate test is if you would not be embarrased to pick someone up and give them a ride at any given moment!

Organize Your Vehicle

Wether we want to admit it or not our vehicle is much like our home, it IS a reflection on us and the life we live.

* This week’s goal is to clean out your vehicle and make sure it is organized.

* Remove ALL garbage (even under the seats and in the glove compartment).

* Shake out the mats and vacum the rug and seats.

* Clean the windows and wipe down the interior.

* Put together or update an emergency kit.

* Grab a nice, refreshing air freshener (“new car” is my personal favorite)

* Schedule your next oil change.


* Always keep an extra plastic bag in the vehicle to use for garbage.

* Keep a lint roller in the glove compartment.

* Keep a small tote of toys or books in the car if you have children for those times when the kids need something to keep them occupied.