Uniquely Qualified
Choosing the right path to fulfillment involves numerous obstacles including breaking work contracts and leaving your profession. Jacinda Jacobs took control of her life and walked away from her TV and radio life and went on a self-discovery journey with God. A motivational speaker and the author of Uniquely Qualified, she shares how she helps other women find their divine purposes as well as how she started a women’s conference. Know how you can veer towards going after what you want to achieve by learning more about Jacinda’s program in this episode.

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You Are Uniquely Qualified With Jacinda Jacobs

I am so excited because we started a brand-new season on the show. I have a very special guest in store for you that I know you’re going to love. Her name is Jacinda Jacobs. Welcome to the show, Jacinda.


Jennifer, thank you for having me. I’m excited for us to chit-chat.


I’m excited for you to be here. I feel like this is completely part of our divine meeting and we’re going to share with the audience why I’m saying that. We both know, you and I would not be here right now if it wasn’t for a divine intervention from our Heavenly Father. Thank you, Jesus, for that first of all. Thank you, Jacinda, for coming on.


Thank you, God. You’re exactly right, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


I want to you tell us a little bit about your backstory and then we’ll go into how we even met. How did you get to where you are now?


I started my media journey several years ago. I started on morning radio and then transitioned into television news. I’m that girl that you always see on TV or hear on the radio. I was doing weather, I was reporting, morning anchoring and all that fun stuff. Then God started to stir something up inside of me. I thought my whole life that that’s what I had worked for is to get into media, get into that spotlight. Then I realized that there was so much more in me and God was calling me to leave the industry. In 2014, my boss was giving me a major promotion at the television station and with a lot of prayers, a lot of tears. Not only did I walk away from the promotion, but I asked my general manager if he would help me break my contract with the TV station, which he replied. I saw him and I was like, “You’re in my book. You are part of my story, Jim.”


Jim said, “There was a calling on my life years ago and I never answered it. I’ll do everything in my power to help you answer yours.” He helped me get out of my contract. To this day, I still work for the TV station, but it’s on a different basis. I do cool fun stories with me and my husband, but when I left full-time, I went into prison ministry. I started this journey of self-discovery of trying to figure out who am I in God? Who did God create me to be? What is my mission in the world? I wrote this book called Uniquely Qualified. I started a Bible study community called Stolen Lunches, which is a nonprofit and it’s global. I started a Uniquely Qualified women’s conference. It travels to different cities. I’m pushing women to stop making excuses and to walk into their divine purpose.


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I want to take a step back for a second because I should have told the readers that you are in Charlotte, North Carolina right now. That’s where you’re a local celebrity girl. The funny thing is that I used to live in Charlotte also. For those who have read my previous season, I was talking all the time about my conference called Created Order and going back to Charlotte. I was putting it in my blog and my new book, Purpose Over Possessions. I was talking about this connection with me in Charlotte and how my daughter was born there. I hadn’t been there for so many years. The craziest thing is I have no idea why God told me to launch this conference in Charlotte.


I had no intention of going back anytime soon. It wasn’t on my radar. Everything starts to happen around Charlotte. I come down in June and I don’t even know that you are there until two weeks after I left. You met one of my good friends, Jennifer Gibson. Ladies, you have to listen to this because this is how God works. You could be going about your day doing your normal stuff and God is underneath the current, planning something cool for you, but you have to keep your eyes and ears open. What happened was I left Charlotte, my good friend, Jennifer Gibson, and you meet for lunch and you told her that you have a passion for helping women find their purpose.


She’s the president of that rotary chapter. I’m like, “I get the honor of sitting with her for a couple of minutes.” We were supposed to have coffee and two hours later, we’re sharing each other’s story. We’re girlfriends. We’re sisters. It’s not about titles or anything. She was like, “I have my dear friend that I need to connect you with.” I was like, “I would love to meet her because we’re on this mission for Christ and it’s bigger than Charlotte. I would love to lock arms with her. Especially, Jennifer Ford Berry is in the same mission field.” That’s how she got us on email. We got on the phone and then the second we started sharing, everything that we have our hands in aligned.


Here’s the cool thing, we are both women with a very similar goal. You put out this amazing, beautiful book, it’s called Uniquely Qualified: Walk Into Your Destiny. Everybody needs to get a copy of it. It’s on Amazon right now. I’ve read the whole entire thing. I was like, “This is so aligned with what I’m trying to do in the world.” Right around the time that my book about purpose called Purpose Over Possessions comes out, we’re both running these conferences with the same goal in mind, to help empower women to reach their highest potential. The cool thing is somewhere along the way, you must have learned an important message from God like I did where somebody else going after a similar dream has no effect at all on your dream. That you want to team up with other women headed in the same direction to become more powerful.


It’s so funny because growing up, I used to be like a tomboy girl and I only hung out with boys. I don’t like girls. They’re too emotional and I was that girl. Growing up and becoming a woman, I realized that I need my girls. I need my sisterhood. We have a saying in our ministry and it’s, “You’re not meant to do life alone.” God created us as a community. We are community people. When God places a dream inside of your heart to walk out, you need a team, you need to lock arms. There are people that you meet around you that will celebrate you when you’re up and pick you up when you’re down and can’t stand on your own two feet. I never ever look at anything as competition anymore. I’m always looking at it, “How can we do what we’re both doing and take it to the next level?”


That is the exciting part of our meeting because we were headed in the same direction with also the same thought process and because of our faith. I want people to understand, how did you go from being a Charlotte face? You’re on the radio, you’re on TV and you’re doing all these things in the public’s eye. It’s so cool because you’ve talked about this in the book, how you went to your manager. You are real and raw and you say, “I don’t want to take the next promotion. I need to work for God.” You’re scared at that point. He surprises you and says, “I had a calling from God and I didn’t go for it. I want you to go for your calling.” Tell us a little bit about that back story.


The funniest, craziest part about that is whenever you get to that fork in the road moment in your life, whether it’s a relationship you need to walk away from, a career that you need to take a jump out of, you get to this fork in the road and you’re like, “Which way am I going to go?” When I took that leap of faith, God immediately caught me. I felt that that was my first sign to say, “I got you. You’re good and you’re heading in the right direction to have your general manager. You’re not supposed to talk about faith, let alone in the news industry.” I came all out, fears and all. I’m like, “This is all I have. I don’t even know what to Google for another job. I have nothing lined up. I just built a brand-new home.” I don’t know what I’m saying out of my mouth, but I felt like it was such comfort and such security when he said, “Don’t worry, I got you. I was in your same shoes. I’m going to do everything to help you.” I walked out of there and cried and was like, “What are we going to do next?”


TMM Jacinda | Uniquely Qualified

I did leave full-time. What was so beautiful is that they gave me an opportunity to still freelance for them because he was like, “Since you’re still looking for work, I can still get you paid.” Here’s the second thing that God did that blew my mind. He said, “Since you’re looking for something with more impact, more purpose, would you be interested in working more with foster care and working more with kids that need to get adopted?” I’m like, “Yes.” I’m screaming. He says, “We’re going to have you work a segment called Waiting Child. It will be your segment. Two or three times out the month, you go and spend time with kids and you tell a beautiful story about them that we will air. Prayerfully, someone will see the story and want to get to know them and possibly adopt them.”


This was the complete shift. I went from turning news, doing weather to now using my talent for a purpose. Some kids did actually get adopted. Guess what? What he was paying me doubled as well. What would take me a go full week, two weeks to work, I was making that in an hour. The second you step out on faith, you can’t describe the miracles that start to pour into your life. I went into prison ministry for free. I fell in love with the work I was doing, but then I wasn’t getting paid. It began a journey of finding out how I could marry my passion for serving and ministry and doing good for the community. Also, trying to still pay my bills at the same time and having faith and stepping out in that. It all marries together and now, I actually make more money than I do ever did in news and radio before working less time. God has opened up the opportunity for me to work ministry full-time now.


It was because you were obedient when he called you. He asks you to step forward and usually when God does that, we have zero ideas how he’s going to pull it off. The cool part is when you are called by God to do something and you don’t have a plan, you don’t have the steps, you have no idea how to figure it out. That’s when you do know it’s from him because he’s saying, “I don’t want you to know. I want you to able to rely on me.” It sounds like that’s exactly what you did.


I want to speak to the mamas too, because there may be a mom reading this that’s like, “I want to do that but I can’t because I’ve got these screaming kids that are hungry every day. I can’t do that type of jump.” I want to encourage anyone right now and know that sometimes you can’t make a big jump up like that at that moment, but there are baby steps that you can make. For example, if you don’t know what it is you want to do, you can start volunteering and scheduling a small amount of time. Maybe not every week, but once a month that you start doing different things for you. Maybe you want to start this business but you can’t quit your job yet. Then start putting the bones together, the structure together and the business plan. There are always things that you could start doing now that will eventually open that door. It will give you the time and give you the financial security that you need, but don’t keep making excuses because you will stay in the same place for another twenty years if you let it.


It ties in with what I wanted to say about your book. On page 73, you say during this time, keep in mind that the journey is a process and it will not end when you want it to. Be on the lookout for wise souls who speak into your situation and people that go against the grain. They’ll tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear. I love that because by saying to yourself, “Maybe it is a possibility that my life could look differently.” Even believing that there’s a slight possibility gives God the access he needs into your life to work. Maybe you start now after you read this and you’re like, “What do I have to lose? If Jacinda can do it, if Jennifer can do it, if all these other people can do it, maybe there is a plan out there for me. Maybe God is waiting on me to invite him in.” You say a simple prayer and you ask for God’s will to be done. After that, all you have to do is sit back and open your eyes and your ears because I guarantee there are things happening around you. God’s waiting for the invitation to show you what is going on.


It is beautifully put. I agree wholeheartedly. All the signs are there. You have to trust the process. It’s going to be scary, for sure. It stirs in your stomach. What’s the quote? The quote is something like, “When the fear it takes to jump becomes less than the fear to even stay.” Someone asked me, “What is it that makes you make the jump?” I’m like, “Everyone’s different. For me after a few years in television, it started to stir up in me.” God wants to do more with me, with my hands and my feet and my mouth. He wants to do more. If I would’ve stayed there, he would’ve been limited. He had to push me out the door. All of us at some point get that little stirring, it’s up to you if you listen to it or not. At some point, you will be pushed and it will be uncomfortable.


Let me ask you a personal question. When I first felt that nudge from God to take my platform and use it for his good and go into ministry, if he would have nudged me in that direction ten years prior, fifteen years prior, I don’t think I would’ve had the courage. Something happens with your faith and maybe also age with women. For me, after I hit 40, I felt I cared a lot less what people thought of me. Do you ever notice how he waits for the perfect time when you’re brave enough? Even if when you’re brave enough to put your toe in the water, it still doesn’t mean that you’re going to have it all figured out or you’re going to be brave about everything that comes. You have to be brave enough and He knows when you’re ready for that.


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If we’re completely super-duper brave, then what do we need God for? To your point, we need to be able to take that step and then God takes it from there. God doesn’t operate too much in our comfort zone. It’s the second we take that jump to move outside of our comfort zone. That’s where God’s like, “Now, watch me work. Watch me move in all of these areas in your life because I’m going to make the impossible possible. I’m going to show you what can happen when you trust me and have faith in me.” Everyone comes to know God. Everyone comes to this fork in the road moment. Everyone comes to these things in different places in their life. Don’t think once you did at one time that you’re done, it’ll happen again. God is reshaping you and growing on you and pushing you again out of another comfort zone.


When I first got the call to start a Bible study ministry, I ignored God. I shushed him for a very long time until the first day we did our first Bible study and all eight women were crying and saying, “I didn’t know I needed this and I was missing this. When are we doing this again?” I was like, “I felt I had stumbled into something great here.” I tell everyone, try it and I promise you God is not going to steer you wrong. He created you for this. All of your experiences, good or bad, have qualified you for what he’s calling you to do. He’s equipped you with it. All the excuses you’re making, to be honest, is the enemy putting doubt into you. We got to choose our thoughts wisely and listen to God in this and say, “Let me try God at this.” He’ll never fail you.


Don’t be surprised that even because you say yes, that there are still things that are going to not go perfectly. Even when you say, “I’m going to get into ministry,” people think, “You have this perfect, easy path to follow.” What I’ve learned is that’s when things get tested because there’s a whole other side from the enemy that’s saying, “I do not want you doing this and I’m going to try to stop you in your tracks.” You have to be strong. You have to have the right people around which is why it’s so important to have those girlfriends and have the support of other women which is why the conference is going to be so amazing. Let’s talk about the conference. It’s called Uniquely Qualified and it’s on October 19th in Charlotte at the Carmel Country Club, right?




It’s so funny because I did have no idea you even existed. Once, I was on a plane for that trip, I drove back to New York. A couple of weeks later, we’re talking and you tell me about the conference and now I am hopping on a plane to come down on October 18th, which I cannot wait. I cannot share what I’m going to be speaking about, but I feel very strongly about even the words Uniquely Qualified and what that means. Tell us about the conference and what women that want to come or are coming should expect from this because I know I am super pumped.


It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. You will cry because you do some soul searching and some digging and you have to stare your fear in the mirror. We will also laugh and meet new sisters. You’re going to walk away with new girlfriends, which is so awesome because there are women that fly in from other cities and states, which is so cool. I wrote this book in 2017. When I took that jump in 2014, I started writing and I didn’t know what I was writing, what was going to come out of that. That was one of those, “I’m trusting you, Lord. I have no idea what I’m doing.” A book emerged in 2017 and a lot of women shared that they’ve been blessed by it. Two young ladies that I was doing Bible studies with that came to me one day and said, “God has placed in our hearts to really support you and push you because this needs to be more than just a book. It’s a movement. It’s a lifestyle. It’s reminding people that you are Uniquely Qualified and that God has made you in a unique way. You’re already qualified.” Put those things together and walk this thing out and let’s change the world for Christ. Women can get together and can celebrate one another and can support one another.


From 2018, we kicked off the Uniquely Qualified Tour and we traveled to seven different cities and states. We also went international for one space as well. I had the enemy in my mind saying, “No one knows you, no one cares and no one likes what you’re doing.” Then I got God saying, “They will get to know what you’re doing. They will understand this mission and women will come out and it will change their lives.” There have been so many awesome testimonies since we first started this of women who were in the middle of divorces. Women who have now closed on their own house with their kids. and are starting their own businesses. They are flourishing now because of this little bitty boost of support that they received in this community.


TMM Jacinda | Uniquely Qualified
Uniquely Qualified: At some point, you will be pushed and it will be uncomfortable, but trust the journey.


On Saturday, on October 19th, it’s going to be a bunch of awesome women. We are all totally different, which is what I like. There are young and seasoned. There are some that are still in schools, some that have kids that are already graduated and got grandbabies. It’s a beautiful mix of women, which is what I believe heaven looks like. We’re all going to come together and start to share and be vulnerable and take our masks off. By the time we leave, you don’t even see any of that. You see we’re all the same. We all cry, we all have the same insecurities. We all have the same doubts, but we all know that there’s something bigger that we’re supposed to be walking out. By locking arms, we’ll be able to do that.


We do have speakers like the awesome Jennifer Ford Berry who is flying in and I cannot wait for you to meet Sarah Benken. She is the founder of KNOW Tribe. This is an awesome organization that is national as well. With you coming is going to take everything to the next level. You and her connecting are phenomenal. We have Veronica Southerland. She’s with Flo Hydration and Wellness. She’s this awesome doctor here in Charlotte. We have Mara Campolungo. She’s the Founder and Executive Director of The Sandbox. They walk alongside families who have children with special needs or life-altering illnesses. They put big proms together. We have Aventer Gray, who was the first lady and co-pastor of Relentless Church, Pastor John Gray. We have Melody McCord Stephens, who is the organizer of Uniquely Qualified, Diana Inspires as well. It’s going to be crazy. We dance. We have fun. We have a pianist coming and it’s actually a two-day thing. Thursday is the champagne toast and the kickoff to the one-year anniversary. Saturday is when we get to work.


If it involves dancing, I’m totally in.


We dance. There’s a lot of little dancing. It’s dancing and crying all in one you’ll be like, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.”


I love everything about it. I am so excited. I’m so grateful that you asked me to come down. I feel completely honored. I cannot wait to meet these women. I’ve been going on and looking them up and I was like, “Thank you, Jesus, for bringing these types of women into my life.” I feel when he does that, he always has something in mind and I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen after this.


I can’t wait for the women to hear from you. I can’t wait to hear you as well. My mother finished reading your book and she is a super fan of yours right now. I know that you’re a powerhouse and I know you’re going to have one of those drop the mic moments that everyone’s going to be like, “I have to connect with her and buy all her books.” I’m hoping that it’s super successful for you and that you’re able to make a powerful impact on all the women that are there too. I can’t wait for it to be honest.


I want to make sure that everybody knows where they can get tickets. Do give that out.


[bctt tweet=”God doesn’t operate too much in our comfort zone. It’s the second we take that jump to move outside of our comfort zone.” username=””]


It’s from IamUniquelyQualified.com. There’s a ticket tab and to be honest, if someone is far away and they’re like, “I’m not able to make it,” don’t worry. We have another. Every year, we’re going to do a big Uniquely Qualified Conference. It’s for women and young girls, so bring your daughters out because they need to be in this room as well. If you can’t make it, we have what’s called blessing tickets. If you find it in your heart to bless someone else with your ticket, these tickets go to Big Brothers Big Sisters for a big and little to attend and to have that experience of inspiration together as well.


I love that idea. That is amazing. Everybody needs to get a copy of your book also called Uniquely Qualified: A Walk into your Destiny. One of the things that are so cool in how we have met is I was reading your book and I have to point this out to you, this blessing bag idea. I was like, “This girl is talking my language.” For those of you who haven’t read the book, it talks about blessing bags. It’s so cool because you basically went around your house one day and decided to make these bags for men and women that included clothing, all the way to nail polish or body wash and you kept them in your car. Why this is so dear to my heart is because everybody that knows me knows that being a professional organizer, I’m constantly telling people to give. You don’t have to hoard. There’s no reason why anybody in this country should be going without, because of all the stuff that I see constantly packed away in garages, basements, attics and closets. This is why I love this idea. You go around your house, you grab all this stuff and tell our readers what you do with it.


That’s why I know you’re my sister because I don’t like a lot of stuff either. I’m always like, “This needs to be practical.” There needs to be some used to it or I give it away. I’ve fallen in love with Offer Up that I’ve sold a table before and my husband walked in and was like, “Where is our table?” I’m like, “It’s gone. We don’t need it.” I was cleaning out a garage and I saw all these different hotel shampoos and conditioners and body washes and all this stuff. I’m like, “I can’t get rid of this.” I was just finding stuff. I really have a problem. It hurts my heart when I see people who are less fortunate and they are asking for things. We don’t carry cash anymore. We just don’t. It’s so easy for me to be like, “Sorry, I have no cash,” but that bothers me because I’m called to be a giver. I’m called to be a life-changer, a global changer. What can I do? That was an opportunity where I put two and two together. I started going around and I started making a man’s bag. Then I started making a woman’s bag. “When was the last time you used some of those nail polishes in your cabinets?” You have it, you go get your nails done. I’m like, “When was the last time someone that can’t even get food clean their nails? They probably have not been able to put nail polish on.”


Many times, women don’t even have pads or tampons or any of these sanitary things that we use and take for granted sometimes. I get those when you go to an event and they’ll give you these things to try. I liked the brands that I have so I’m not trying those. Someone else may need these things. I literally put some bags in my trunk that were filled with goodies. They had that Axe Body Sprays. They had the good smelling stuff and they had some cute shirts from some famous Panthers players from Charlotte, from Carolina. I hooked up these bags and what happened was I left to go get food that day. This is another God moment. I left to go get lunch and for some reason, I miss my turn. I was like, “Let me go to the next exit.” I have never been on that exit, but let me just take it. I take the next exit, I go to grab food. There is a homeless man sitting right there on the curb and I went into my car with my first little bag. I gave it to him and he started to cry and that’s when I was like, “We are onto something here.”


I call them blessing bags and to be honest, I let it fizzle out, but our ministry literally is rebuilding this right now as we speak. There are different organizers within our Bible study community that the women are owning the women’s part. The men are owning the men’s part and they’re even going to their offices, going to their bosses and saying, “What are things here that we can put into blessing bags for men and women?” They’re taking it far beyond what I even imagine. Let’s just be honest, things that are junk to you, that’s not a big deal to you, it could be a blessing to someone else. Throw it in a bag, you’ll feel so good about it when you give it to them. It’ll feel like Christmas to them.


I love that idea on so many levels. The thing is that’s also showing God that you’re being a steward with what you have. When we have things that we take for granted and we don’t use, but we’re keeping them instead of giving them away, we’re not being a good steward. God blessed us with those items. It’s funny because you’re probably praying for something, some prayer that you want to be answered. Show God what kind of steward you are and show him that you deserve to be blessed with more because you’re an open, kindhearted giver. This good blessing bag idea is something simple anybody can do. Yes, I love it. It goes hand in hand with our local give idea of taking things that you already have and putting them in the right hands to the people that need them the most. I want to encourage everybody to consider doing something like that and their own community. I think it’s amazing. If you do, then make sure you comment on the show and let us know about it.


In any event, you go to, anything you take the kids to, they always give you gift bags back. Whether you take stuff out of it and use it or not, there are things in there that would so be a blessing to someone else. Start to move it aside. I have my little corner where I move things aside and these are awesome things that can be given away to someone else.


TMM Jacinda | Uniquely Qualified
Uniquely Qualified: Things that are junk to you could be a blessing to someone else. Throw it in a bag and give it to them.


You’re putting a smile on somebody’s face and you never know when it can open up a conversation where you might be able to plant the seed of hope about Jesus to somebody. It can do so many good things. I hope that this is a blessing to them and I know you are sending it to so many people and so many women. Thank you for all you’re doing for the world and for every person that you touch, I cannot wait to meet you face to face in person and give you a great big hug.


I can’t wait either. I know you’re like, “Thank you for what you do,” but to be honest, when you say yes to Him, it brings you joy. I feel I get to do this every day. How was I living life before that? I was hating going to work. I get to do this. It is an honor. It is a privilege. I love being used by Him. I love this work. I love it. It is my honor. It makes me happy. It’s my peace.


It’s funny because my goal is to make sure that they realize they do have a specific purpose waiting and ready for them if they’re not already doing it. When you find it and you latch onto it, there’s no better feeling in the world. The purpose is not for a specific few people. It’s for all of us. We all have that and all you have to do is ask God to show you what that is. The next thing you know, one little step leads to another step, leads to a door opening, leads to meeting a person, leads to a conference being born or a book being written. The sky is the limit and I am grateful that you’re out there preaching that same message.


I want to tell everybody to make sure if they’re interested, they get a copy of your book, Uniquely Qualified. They can check out the conference, IamUniquelyQualified.com, which is happening on October 19th in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you did love this show, please don’t hesitate. We’d love to have you comment and leave a review. Reviews are everything to me. If you have a question, make sure you post it and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Thank you for being on my show. I am so happy you came on. I’m so happy that our schedules work.


Thank you for all that you’re doing and I cannot wait to see you in Charlotte.


Have a wonderful day. God bless you and thank you for reading.


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Serving is her peace— Jacinda is the founder of Stolen Lunches, which is a nonprofit Global Bible Study Community created to inspire, motivate, and empower people to strengthen their faith walk. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Old Dominion and a Masters Degree of Arts in Educational Studies.


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