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organize time

The difference between successful people that are living their dreams and those that are not is how they manage their time.  Let Jennifer teach you how to effectively use the precious time that has been given to you.

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organize stuff

Everything you own needs a home.  If you can’t find a home for each item you have too much stuff. Learn how to sort, purge and organize the items you own correctly. Learn how to organize everything from papers to knick knacks to clothes and toys.

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In order to organize space you must know how that space will be used.  It is also helpful to have a vision for that space. Learn how to organize every space from closets, to kitchens to home offices.

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Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes, much of which starts on the inside first. Here is where you will learn how to organize your mind, your body and your spirit.

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Just like everything in your life a successful career and abundant finances requires organization and systems that work. Here is where you will learn how to organize your career, networking systems, work spaces, your own business and your personal finances.

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organize family

The more items and people living in your home the sharper your organizing skills need to be. Get your spouse and your children on board with Jennifer’s fantastic tips for organizing your family.

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What Clients Are Saying…

Work with Jennifer and get results.

“Jennifer is positive and motivating, inside and out. She has helped me organize many areas of not only my home, but my life. Her ability to focus on the one task at hand is invaluable. She recently helped me with a move and her love for moving was addicting. Something I once dreaded, became fun with Jennifer. I am truly grateful that Jennifer has come into my home and life!”

Angela Mancini Mom of 4

“I never, ever, ever, ever believed, really, that my friendly living area would be this easy to maintain, and so homey and comfortable. I have always wanted to have a home where people could come over, and I have this for the first time of my life, and it is not a one-time fluke but more of a lifestyle change. I could have an unexpected visitor and it would be fine! You have changed my whole life. I cannot thank you enough, Jennifer.”

A Super Fan!

“Jennifer is an expert for organizing life!  She provided excellent content for our Intuition app that was made for the iPhone.  Our users found it very useful!”

Greg Rose
Greg RoseBusiness Development, IconApps

“Hiring Jennifer Ford Berry to help me organize my home has truly been a life changing experience. She has transformed every room in my home and has inspired me to live a life without clutter…permanently! Jennifer has taught me organizational skills that I now incorporate into my daily routine.  These skills help me save time and drastically eliminate stress.  As a mother of four young children, saving time and reducing stress is priceless! I highly recommend working with Jennifer to help simplify and organize your home and life.”

Nicole Krough, NY
Nicole Krough, NYMother of 4

“Your book is incredible (I have the green edition), and I anxiously await the budget book, and I frequently read your blog. You have a huge fan here in London, Ontario (as my friends can attest to, since I often give your book as a gift!).”

AmyLondon, Ontario

“This site is awesome. I have already started changing my daily routines thanks to you. I have been able to save time and money by organizing my house and my life. Thank you for all your support and brilliant mind.”

Cara Webster
Cara WebsterWest Palm Beach, FL

“Of all the organizing books that I’ve accumulated and referred to, yours is my latest and so user-friendly! As I saw it starring at me in the sewing pattern department at JoAnn Fabrics,Etc. I eagerly opened it and read your introduction; which brought such excitement in that you are a “local” success; then I began reading the table of contents and said, “Yes, I need this book!”

Rachel Abbott

Jennifer Ford Berry’s program attracted our largest attendance for a caregivers program to date!
She took the daunting tasks of organizing and downsizing and made them possible. With her relatable and simplistic tips the stress of such a project was minimized. Many walked away with a more optimistic outlook towards what was once an anxiety and stress induced project. Jennifer’s presentation can benefit anyone regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status. All are welcome and all can bond over the universal project that is organizing, downsizing and regaining control over many aspects of our life. Thank you!

Jill YassesSpecialist, Aging Services

“I reached out to Jennifer because of her practical, action-oriented approach to getting all the key areas of your life under control–your time, your goals, your stuff, your finances. Jennifer takes a comprehensive and practical approach towards all these things; she holds you accountable and encourages you towards the fulfillment of personal dreams. I’m a senior manager at a very successful dotcom, and Jennifer has become my secret weapon towards making astonishing progress on issues that had been bogging me down for years. I highly recommend her coaching and books.”

Kevin CushingSenior Manager at Dotcom Company

“On paper it looked like I had it all but I was a mess and so was my home.  Jennifer came into my home and started helping me clear up years of paperwork.  What she also uncovered was that my mind was filled with forty-seven years of mental clutter!  She encouraged me to let go of the past and create a new present and future where I’m an organized, happier, and more accomplished woman.

I see myself differently now.  Jennifer is more than a personal organizer with cute storage ideas.  She is an incredibly insightful and competent professional who can guide you to a more healthy and happier life.”

Constantina Spiropoulos, M.D.
Constantina Spiropoulos, M.D.Pediatrician

“One of the first Professional Organizers I ever met and the only Professional Organizer I’ll ever need!!  Working with JFB is better than therapy, you actually feel great working with her and you get things done.

JFB rocks my organizing world.  No one I’ve met is as down to earth and focused on helping me get what I want accomplished!!”

Adam Levine, NY
Adam Levine, NYOwner of Wrap iT Inc.

“I am a guy that loves to organize and I take pride in the fact that out of most of my peers and family my room and closet is the most organized. I have just purchased your book and it is wonderful! It is straight to the point and goes week-by-week, month-by-month which is really helpful and I find it to be a time saver!”

Benjamina fan from Nebraska
“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation at St. Peter and Paul Parish!  Your content and delivery was wonderful!  You had such great information and I loved how you showed how organizing impacts one spiritually.  I have thought of so many tips you mentioned since then and the idea of scheduling the items on my to-do list throughout the week was a big change for me.  You have a great gift that soooo many people (everyone?) can benefit from!”
Katie Amrhein
Katie AmrheinMom’s Group Coordinator

“I love your book Organize Now! So simple and informative and I love the format!”

Mrs. Clark
“I am proud to say that I have used Jennifer’s services in the past, and can tell you how she has changed my life. She has actually helped me go from stressed to relaxed, each time I enter my home that is now neat, organized, peaceful, and calm. Jennifer works fast, and will help you get to where you want to be faster than you ever thought possible. My husband and I love to be able to open our blinds now, and let people come into our home. If it were not for Jennifer, her knowledge, and all of her ideas, I’d still be looking for things- things that I can now find within 30 seconds. Jennifer has opened my eyes to a new, beautiful world in which to live, the place I can now call ‘home’.
Jennifer, thank you for helping and teaching me how to change the way I look at my home, and find a place for everything. The changes in my home have brought such happiness into my life.  I now have time to devote to the things I want to be doing, like being a new Grandma.”

“Jennifer Berry is the best thing that could have happened to me! My desk and office were a disaster area before Jen got a hold on it…I had piles upon piles of stuff everywhere and I was starting to lose track of the piles! …Within 1 day, Jen was able to completely access the damage, clean the clutter and get my life in order!! 6 hours later and a trip to Office Max, I had the organization I had needed for months, I felt like I had a new lease on life!!”

Jennifer SnyderCharlotte, NC

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I’m enjoying your book! I’m a wife and mom of 2 young boys and I’ve been procrastinating organizing my home and office for weeks (ok, months). Your book has helped me prioritize and I especially like the way you have it organized. Great job and many thanks!”

Jennifer Quattlebaum, SC

“Your book has changed my life. I’ve organized areas of my life that I’ve never been able to in my forty years of life. A recent divorce and job change brought my organizing dilemma to its zenith. Your book put organizing into do-able steps and gave me THE LIST of periodical things to organize every month, three months, and each year (the best part of the book – how to keep the organizing going!). I can’t thank you enough!”


“I am so glad you were there as our guest speaker.  All I can say is that not only were we all truly inspired by your presentation, but we had so much fun with the activity that you helped organize for us.  In my years as a P.A.D. team member I think this one was particularly a favorite among us all.  You have a way of making everyone feel relaxed and at the same time energized by your drive to keep us focused on the task of organizing our work and home environment.  Thank you again for being there for us.”

Linda Velarde
Linda VelardeRich Products Company

“Thank you for simplifying your organizing advice!! It is just what I needed to keep me focused on the tasks at hand!  And keep me from thinking I have to run the whole marathon in one day!”

Erin Courtwright
Erin CourtwrightFan of Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter Free

“Jennifer facilitated a workshop and provided useful tips to help our associates organize, both in and outside of the workplace. Her presentation was excellent, professional and informative. Jennifer is engaging and it is evident that she is very passionate about her work!”

Trish Romo
Trish RomoLearning and Development Manager

“As the General Manager of 5 salons I was in need of helping my salon managers make sure that their salons got organized and stayed organized. That is when I decided to call Jennifer Ford Berry. I had just read her book “Organize Now!’ and was completely inspired.  I knew she would be the right person to help. Jennifer came into our salon and was able to get the retail area and our dispensary looking the way it should.

To this day that salon has stayed organized and they continue to use Jennifer’s tips. After Jennifer was able to see what our needs were I asked her to come in to speak at our Managers meeting. Jennifer gave an amazing presentation and was able to give the staff great tips on how to get organized and manage their time. Since Jennifer’s presentation the staff have defiantly made huge improvements on how the salon is run. I would highly recommend having Jennifer come in to speak for any organization. She was inspiring and encouraging!”

Melissa Kaus
Melissa KausGeneral Manager of Bangs Salon Services Inc.

“I picked up a copy of your book this past week and I LOVE IT!! I have gone to seminars hosted by professional organizers in the past and I have always found them fastidious and narrowly focused… having no broader scope in mind… No idea that the creative group needs to see the way a well-organized life can free the mind for creative endeavours! I’m an artsy fartsy woman and whenever I get stressed, I become disorderly. …I appreciate the way your book pursues integrity and even peace.Thank you so much! Your book just leaped off the shelf at me.”

Amy Anderson

I am so glad you are here!  If you are wondering how to organize your life, you have come to the right place!  My mission with my site, and all of my products for that matter, is not to remove the work involved in getting organized, but to give you fast, simple and straightforward steps for you to follow and useful tips to help you get organized and stay organized for life! Why? Because life shouldn’t be spent shuffling, searching for, cleaning and maintaining your stuff….it should be about living your life each day to the fullest!!! 

So don’t waste another minute wondering how to organize your life…START organizing your life today!  My best advice for how to do that….grab your calendar or your planner and schedule 15 minutes per day to read through everything on this site.  Each time you find a post or an article that explains how to organize a particular area of your life…schedule time in your planner for when you will do this.  Remember organizing is not about being perfect it is about living better.  And it certainly won’t happen overnight so schedule time you will dedicate to getting organized and then follow through one small step at a time.  YOU CAN DO THIS! I believe in YOU! 🙂   -Jennifer

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